Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Two of the Sussex based water tanks were to be painted, for the purpose which the Sussex Borough gave over the contract to U.S. Tank Painting. The project contract was for a staggering amount of $591,000.

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The federal Environmental Protection Agency had granted about $382,000 in funding to paint clean and polish the two tanks. The remaining sum was given via low interest bonds. The contract as given to U.S. Tank Painting back in May this year 2010 has already seen super quick and effective working on part of the agency. Work on the first of the tanks was already done in September 2010.

Work on the second tank was also underway fluently when it had been stopped recently because of the harsh weather as in the October rains. They were also waiting for the electric contractor for transitory service which further delayed the work even more. None the less, the firm is working at a breakneck speed and looking at finishing off everything in the next few weeks.

Their quality of work as well as the quick efficiency has been well received by one and all. For the sandblasting process as employed by U.S. Tank Painting, they covered the entire tank from the outside with plastic covering. This wouldn’t allow any dust to scatter and spread in the air causing trouble to nearby area.

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Trustworthy Services from ‘Leading Injury Lawyers’

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The amount that is paid in compensation varies as to how serious the injury is and for that matter which part of the body is hurt. Brain damage, blindness may see compensation of as much as £ 257,750 to £ 255000. While in case of milder injuries a lesser amount is charged like £2750 for a whip lash up and £ 2500 for minor eye injury. All said and done considering it be no fault of the victim he or she is religiously compensated.

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Monday, May 17, 2010

Banks gain the limelight in UK

Trading updates and annual meetings make banks the centre of attraction in UK this week along with first quarter figures from Prudential, the insurance giant being watched. Lloyds Banking Group will also face shareholders at its annual general meeting along with firms delivering their first quarter results.

Pirc – a research and advisory consultancy that provides services to institutional investors – has warned the combined level of performance-related pay during 2009 was “excessive” and is recommending opposition against the Lloyds remuneration report at the meeting.

Barclays likewise attracted ire from Pirc ahead of its AGM. It’s first quarter performance – with profits up 90% on an underlying basis to £1.82 billion. On Friday, HSBC reports its figures amid expectations for further improvements in its bad debt charges.

“Given Next’s track record of meeting/beating guidance, we would expect them to deliver on this, driving an increase in our (full year) pre-tax profits forecast to £537 million,” analysts at Numis Securities said. The group posted pre-tax profits of £505m (€579m) in the 12 months to January, up on the £428.8m (€492m) seen a year earlier.

Insurance giant Prudential posts first quarter figures on Wednesday at a time when it continues to be swamped by speculation of shareholder rebellion against its mammoth bid for AIG’s Asian arm.The developments come as an unwelcome distraction for Pru as it prepares for the imminent launch of a prospectus for its record-breaking $20bn (€15bn) fundraising to finance the takeover.
Prudential’s first quarter figures will confirm the growth prospects in Asia along with its Pru’s effort to gain support for its deals.